Feb 13

New Year New Fire Pit

Well it’s a new year and we are all starting to get back into the swing of things. Vacations are over, family and friends have headed back home for the holidays and you’ve most likely taken down all of the Christmas decorations by now.  This past weekend I spent a little time straightening up my garage and cleaning up my backyard.  I threw some things away and organized others and when I was done it sure felt good to start off the new year with a clean house and clean garage and clean backyard.

As I moved to the backyard during my new years cleaning frenzy I came upon my old rusty wood burning fire pit.  [I happen to have a natural gas stub on the back of my house and I’ve been wanting to install a built-in gas fire pit for some time now.]  So as I was disassembling the old fire pit and filling up my recycling bin with it I made a new years resolution that I would build myself a gas fire pit this year.  Now that I don’t have a wood burning fire pit anymore I don’t have any more excuses not to.  There are some benefits to burning gas instead of wood and the obvious, of course, gas burns cleaner and is better for the environment.  Yes, I realize you can argue that there is nothing better than warming up next to a nice warm crackling wood fire and I would agree with you.  But if you live in a heavy populated area like I do then you will be doing everyone a big favor by burning cleaner fuel.

In addition to burning cleaner fuel, helping the environment and your neighbors from breathing wood smoke a nice built in fire pit can add value to your home.  Modern times call for modern outdoor living spaces and it seems as though any potential buyer may look at your outdoor living space and either walk right out the front door or walk right into the title agency.  Either or the benefits of adding the element of fire to your backyard are two-fold.  The hours you get to spend with friends and family around your new built in fire pit will be well worth the time and money spent.

At National Fire Pit we carry all the outdoor gas fire pit accessories you need to get your project started from the pipe and fittings to the finishing touches with some amazing fireglass.

Here is a list of items you will need for the DIY’er:

  1. 4×6″ block
  2. mortar
  3. masonry tools
  4. re-bar
  5. natural gas or propane –  hoses, fittings, and key valve
  6. remote control pilot (if you want to get fancy)
  7. burner
  8. fire glass
  9. a little know how
  10. and last but not least a permit from your local building authority

If you need any assistance getting your fire pit project started feel free to give us a call and we would be happy to get you started off on the right foot. Click here to find the gas fire pit accessories listed above.